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Documents : An Assessment of Contributions of Non-degree, Part-time University Programs to the Achievement of Education for All and the Millennium Development Goals

The demands of Lifelong Learning (LLL) and Education For All (EFA) pose new challenges to the University. Ensuring the success of EFA and LLL necessitates more than the creation of additional degrees and post-graduate programs. The demand cannot be accommodated by admitting more undergraduate students. The major challenge for the University concerns the incorporation of thousands of non-matriculated ...



Experts : Valtencir Mendes

I am passionate about Education for All issues, education and innovation, charity-university-government-industry partnerships; languages and culture; IT and social media. PhD in Project and Systems Engineering by the Technical University of Catalonia in collaboration with the University of Glasgow, UK. Involved in research which focus on the multi-stakeholder partnerships for the achievement of ...



Documents : IAU Collaborative Workshop: A three-step activity to envision higher education for EFA locally, Kathmandu, Nepal, Final Report

Organised for the first time in Asia, the International Association of Universities (IAU) conducted the IAU Collaborative Workshop: A three-step activity to envision higher education for EFA locally, held in Kathmandu, Nepal on 6-7 December 2012. It was organised in collaboration with the Tribhuvan University, an IAU Member. The overall aim of the IAU Workshop is to provide an analysis of the context ...



Experts : Leandro Russovski Tessler

 I have experience in the following areas: 1. Affirmative Action: processes and procedures to ensure equity in selcetive processes for higher education. 2. Evaluation: Institutional and curriculum evaluation in higher education. I have performed such evaluations in a range of higher education institutions as a team leader for the Brazilian Ministry of Education. 3. Educational Systems: Public, ...



Experts : Jana Bacevic

Expertise in the development of higher education, including for minorities and in post-conflict situations (Kosovo, south of Serbia), and in the processes of education reform. Research interests: analysis of education policy and legislation, role of education in economic, social and political development, Bologna process and mobility, education for participation and democratic citizenship, 'brain drain', ...



Experts : Justine MARTIN

Higher education and cooperation in Africa  Affirmative action and justice policies in higher education Multiculturalism in higher education higher education and poverty reduction  



Experts : Ian G Macfarlane

Currently situated at the Centre for International Cooperation (CIS) of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA) as a senior education specialist, I am involved in several higher education projects related to EFA, being implemented in Ghana and Yemen, and have previously led the CIS Education and Development Unit. I have spent 30 years in the field of education in developing countries, including two ...

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