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Projects : Rajkumari Amrit Kaur (RAK) Child Study Centre

To provide practical training within its Child Development degree programme, the Lady Irwin College set up a preschool on campus to receive children from the local community. Since 1955, this Child Study Centre has grown to become an important institutional, local and national asset in applied research and teacher training on early childhood education and care and inclusive education, opening its ...



Projects : Violence Prevention Project

Academic authorities and faculty at the University of Costa Rica and the State Distance University have gained new skills in developing inclusive and non-sexist curricula, research and outreach programs committed to gender equality and equity among men and women. A specialized graduate program on gender and intra-family violence was developed by UCR and the National University, consolidated within ...



Projects : Implementing Quality Education in Low-Income Countries (EdQual)

EdQual is a five year collaborative research programme that aims to design and pilot initiatives to improve the quality of basic education in low-income countries. Researchers from six HE coordinate and work collaboratively on various research projects and on smaller consultative projects. Within the framework of EdQual, PhD students are sponsored and are brought into the research teams.  



Projects : Proyecto para la detección y apoyo a niños indígenas en escuelas urbanas de preescolar y primaria en la ciudad de Cuernavaca y zonas aledañas

Presentación El departamento de Educación Indígena, los profesores que integran la Academia de la Licenciatura en Educación Preescolar y Primaria para el Medio Indígena (LEPEPMI), y los alumnos del 2o. Semestre de dicha licenciatura, se han dado a la tarea de contribuir en la detección de la población indígena que asiste a escuelas públicas ...



Experts : Leandro Russovski Tessler

 I have experience in the following areas: 1. Affirmative Action: processes and procedures to ensure equity in selcetive processes for higher education. 2. Evaluation: Institutional and curriculum evaluation in higher education. I have performed such evaluations in a range of higher education institutions as a team leader for the Brazilian Ministry of Education. 3. Educational Systems: Public, ...

 Results 1 to 5 of 5