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Projects : The Teacher Education and Development Study in Mathematics (TEDS-M)

The IEA Teacher Education and Development Study in Mathematics (TEDS-M) was an international comparative study of primary and secondary mathematics teacher education. TEDS-M examined how different countries have prepared their teachers to teach mathematics in primary and lower-secondary school. The key research questions focused on the relationships between teacher education policies, institutional ...



Projects : Learning & Teaching in Multigrade Settings

This is an inter-university project, organised by the Institute of Education at the University of London. Multigrade classes, in which teachers work with more than one curriculum grade at the same time, are widespread in developing countries. They are also surprisingly common in industrialised countries. Yet the needs of learners and teachers in multigrade classes remain invisible to those who plan, ...



Experts : Valtencir Mendes

I am passionate about Education for All issues, education and innovation, charity-university-government-industry partnerships; languages and culture; IT and social media. PhD in Project and Systems Engineering by the Technical University of Catalonia in collaboration with the University of Glasgow, UK. Involved in research which focus on the multi-stakeholder partnerships for the achievement of ...



Projects : Seminar and conference on Equity and Quality in Education - Supporting Disadvantaged Students and Schools

Equity and Quality in Education - Supporting Disadvantaged Students and SchoolsWhat challenges are presented by a balance between equity and quality? Is school still a lever for social mobility? How can we guarantee schools of quality for everyone at a time of economic crisis? How can HEIs promote and extend effective practices, especially in schools in disadvantaged areas, providing targeted teacher ...



Experts : Sharma Neerja

  My expertise encompasses extensive years of experience in teaching and research focusing on quality special needs education, early intervention,family empowerment in the context of childhood disability, successful completion of primary education, and cultural factors in educational research methods. This has been accomplished through national as well as  international inter-university ...



Experts : Ad Boeren

Policy studies; evaluation studies; development of adult education materials; communication training



Projects : Rajkumari Amrit Kaur (RAK) Child Study Centre

To provide practical training within its Child Development degree programme, the Lady Irwin College set up a preschool on campus to receive children from the local community. Since 1955, this Child Study Centre has grown to become an important institutional, local and national asset in applied research and teacher training on early childhood education and care and inclusive education, opening its ...



Projects : Women’s University of Africa

Inaugurated in 2002, the Women’s University of Africa has a dual mission: - to address gender parity in accessing higher education; - to promote gender equality by contributing to the critical mass of female graduates who will go on to fulfil leadership, social, political and economic roles. This University was developed in partnership with the University of Zimbabwe and the University of Swaziland. ...



Projects : Connecting Campus and Community

To better meet the needs of local, and in particular the indigenous population, an interdisciplinary research team at the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, Mexico was set up to study how to validate and integrate traditional knowledge into the university’s programmes. University of Calgary, in Canada, was brought on as a collaborative partner to gain expertise on how to connect ...



Projects : PRIDE: Pacific Regional Initiative for the Delivery of Education

The PRIDE Project seeks to enhance student learning in fifteen Pacific countries by strengthening the capacity of each Ministry of Education (or equivalent) to effectively plan and deliver quality basic education through formal and non-formal means, and to improve the coordination of donor inputs to assist countries implement their plans. It covers all types of education dealing with children and youth. ...

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