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Projets : Seminar and conference on Equity and Quality in Education - Supporting Disadvantaged Students and Schools

Equity and Quality in Education - Supporting Disadvantaged Students and SchoolsWhat challenges are presented by a balance between equity and quality? Is school still a lever for social mobility? How can we guarantee schools of quality for everyone at a time of economic crisis? How can HEIs promote and extend effective practices, especially in schools in disadvantaged areas, providing targeted teacher ...



Experts : Sharma Neerja

  My expertise encompasses extensive years of experience in teaching and research focusing on quality special needs education, early intervention,family empowerment in the context of childhood disability, successful completion of primary education, and cultural factors in educational research methods. This has been accomplished through national as well as  international inter-university ...



Documents : IAU Collaborative Workshop: A three-step activity to envision higher education for EFA locally, Nairobi, Kenya, Final Report

The International Association of Universities (IAU) conducted the IAU Collaborative Workshop: A three-step activity to envision higher education for EFA locally held in Nairobi, Kenya on 24-25 January 2013. The Workshop aimed to strengthen the contribution of higher education, as a sector, in and for EFA within Kenya. Organised in collaboration with the University of Nairobi, an IAU Member, the Workshop ...



Projets : Rajkumari Amrit Kaur (RAK) Centre d’études sur l’enfant

Afin d’assurer une formation pratique aux étudiants de son cours sur le développement de l’enfant, le Lady Irwin College de l’Université de Delhi, Inde, a créé une école maternelle pour les enfants de la communauté locale sur son campus. Depuis 1955, le Centre d’études sur l’enfant s’est développé ...



Projets : Young Lives

Young Lives is a long-term international research project investigating the changing nature of childhood poverty in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam. These countries were selected because they reflect a range of cultural, geographical and social contexts, and experience differing issues facing the developing world: high debt burden, emergence from conflict, and vulnerability to environmental conditions ...



Experts : Terry Russell

Assessment and evaluation in the age range 3-14 years.  A special interest in science education and 'thinking skills' as well as early years development. Background as an educational/developmental psychologist



Projets : Una

Based and established at Queen's University, this international inter-disciplinary network of leading researchers, policy-makers and practitioners aims to reduce racial and ethnic divisions and conflicts and building socially inclusive and respectful communities through the promotion of effective early childhood programs. It achieves its objectives through research, community development, information ...



Projets : Cambridge Primary Review

The Cambridge Primary Review is a wide-ranging and independent enquiry into the condition and future of primary education in England. It was supported by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and based at the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge. The Review combines analysis of the current system with exploration of the national and global challenges which lie ahead; and it considers how, ...

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