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Experts : juma muricho

I am motivated to apply for this position because I share the commitment of UNDP to change lives across the world. My motivation is borne from the fact that I have personally experienced the life-changing impact of good governance through people and institutions that have contributed to my professional development. Out of that experience I live by a philosophy to giving my best to processes and focusing ...



Experts : Hari Adhikari

I am a teacher educator. Now I am doing my PhD on social justice in education. My topic is Social justice in Mahabharata time education. Now social justice is to be fulfilled in education arena.



Projets : Women’s University of Africa

Inaugurée en 2002, la Women’s University of Africa a une double mission : promouvoir la parité dans l’accès à l’enseignement supérieur ; promouvoir l’égalité entre les sexes contribuant à la formation d’un plus grand nombre de femmes diplômées qui pourront occuper un rôle majeur dans tous les ...



Projets : Connecting Campus and Community

Afin de mieux répondre aux besoins des populations locales, en particulier des populations indigènes, une équipe de recherche interdisciplinaire basée à l’Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, Mexique, a été formée pour étudier la façon de valider et d’intégrer les connaissances traditionnelles dans ...



Projets : BRIDGE: Broadening Regional Initiative for Developing Girls' Education

BRIDGE Project aimed to improve girls' enrolment in basic education (grades 1-9) in Yemen through: 1) building capacity of schools and local educational authorities by providing school-level financing to implement pilot activities and organising seminars to develop a decentralised education model, developed in collaboration between local government, schools and the community and; 2) increasing the ...



Projets : Women's Research & Training Centre

To improve the status of women and their participation in the development of Yemen. The project aimed to strengthen the WRTC to become a sustainable organisation that has the capacity and capability to: Teach and train present and future gender practitioners Conduct consultancies on gender issues to organisations and institutions engaged in gender and development Manage an information and communication ...



Projets : Violence Prevention Project

Academic authorities and faculty at the University of Costa Rica and the State Distance University have gained new skills in developing inclusive and non-sexist curricula, research and outreach programs committed to gender equality and equity among men and women. A specialized graduate program on gender and intra-family violence was developed by UCR and the National University, consolidated within ...



Projets : Gender, Education and Global Poverty Initiatives

The project aims to look at the way global policy on gender, schooling and poverty eradication articulated through the Millennium Development Goals and other policy statements emerging from UN organisations and international gatherings, are interpreted, whether they are put into action and the reasons for this. The proposed study is based on detailed case studies in Kenya and South Africa, where reforming ...



Projets : Beyond Access

The Beyond Access project has produced a range of resources to share and disseminate learning from the project, and to help practitioners and policy makers understand what they can do to promote gender equality in education: This project was set up in 2003 by the Institute of Education, Oxfam GB, and the Department for International Development (DFID) of the UK government. It seeks to contribute to ...



Experts : Ilie Cornelia

My main fields of expertise are: - the discourse of institutions (political discourse practices, parliamentary debates, media discourse) - intercultural communication and rhetoric - gender in communities of practice - critical thinking and academic writing    

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