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Documents : Reaching the unreached - IGNOU’s interventions in Tihar Central Jail

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) provides education to the disadvantaged and unreached learners (some of them living in special circumstances) to build an inclusive knowledge society through inclusive education.One of the world’s largest prisons is the Tihar Central Jail in New Delhi. It has about 12,000 prisoners accommodated in its 10 jails. There are over 530 prisoners enrolled ...



Documents : An Assessment of Contributions of Non-degree, Part-time University Programs to the Achievement of Education for All and the Millennium Development Goals

The demands of Lifelong Learning (LLL) and Education For All (EFA) pose new challenges to the University. Ensuring the success of EFA and LLL necessitates more than the creation of additional degrees and post-graduate programs. The demand cannot be accommodated by admitting more undergraduate students. The major challenge for the University concerns the incorporation of thousands of non-matriculated ...



Projets : Licence et Master en éducation de base des adultes

L’Université de Ouagadougou a entrepris différents projets visant à développer son engagement dans l’éducation de base des adultes. Dans le but d’apporter un soutien à la formation de formateurs au niveau local et régional, l’Université a lancé le Projet de développement et d’éducation des adultes. ...

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