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Projets : Leadership pour une éducation de base de qualité

En réponse à une pénurie d’enseignants et d’administrateurs scolaires, provoquée par une augmentation rapide du nombre d’élèves, le Ministère de l’éducation du Bhoutan a travaillé aux côtés de la St. Francis Xavier University (STFX) pour renforcer le leadership scolaire au service d’une éducation ...



Projets : PRIDE: Pacific Regional Initiative for the Delivery of Education

Ce projet vise à renforcer les capacités des ministères de l’Éducation et des autres organismes éducatifs de quinze îles du Pacifique Sud pour planifier et dispenser une éducation de qualité à tous les niveaux éducatifs par le formel et le non formel. Les administrateurs de l’éducation y développent leurs ...



Projets : BRIDGE: Broadening Regional Initiative for Developing Girls' Education

BRIDGE Project aimed to improve girls' enrolment in basic education (grades 1-9) in Yemen through: 1) building capacity of schools and local educational authorities by providing school-level financing to implement pilot activities and organising seminars to develop a decentralised education model, developed in collaboration between local government, schools and the community and; 2) increasing the ...



Projets : Gender, Education and Global Poverty Initiatives

The project aims to look at the way global policy on gender, schooling and poverty eradication articulated through the Millennium Development Goals and other policy statements emerging from UN organisations and international gatherings, are interpreted, whether they are put into action and the reasons for this. The proposed study is based on detailed case studies in Kenya and South Africa, where reforming ...



Experts : Ian G Macfarlane

Currently situated at the Centre for International Cooperation (CIS) of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA) as a senior education specialist, I am involved in several higher education projects related to EFA, being implemented in Ghana and Yemen, and have previously led the CIS Education and Development Unit. I have spent 30 years in the field of education in developing countries, including two ...

 Réponses 1 à 5 sur 5 

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