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Projets : Learning & Teaching in Multigrade Settings

This is an inter-university project, organised by the Institute of Education at the University of London. Multigrade classes, in which teachers work with more than one curriculum grade at the same time, are widespread in developing countries. They are also surprisingly common in industrialised countries. Yet the needs of learners and teachers in multigrade classes remain invisible to those who plan, ...



Projets : Licence et Master en éducation de base des adultes

L’Université de Ouagadougou a entrepris différents projets visant à développer son engagement dans l’éducation de base des adultes. Dans le but d’apporter un soutien à la formation de formateurs au niveau local et régional, l’Université a lancé le Projet de développement et d’éducation des adultes. ...



Projets : MASTERY: MAthematics & Science Teacher Education Reform

Specific Objectives: To design, implement and (formatively) evaluate a science teacher education programme in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics that will give science education students the knowledge and skills to teach to the secondary school pupils according standards set by the new school science curriculum; To increase the service capability of the Faculties of Science at ...



Experts : Rob Merkus

I started my career in development cooperation as a science teacher in Zambia. After return to the Netherlands and a number of years as a physics teacher I returned for 8 years to Africa as coordinator in a science teacher in-service development project based in the National University of Lesotho. I then worked for 4 years in a similar project at Chancellor College in Malawi. In 1998 I joined the University ...

 Réponses 1 à 4 sur 4