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Experts : Valtencir Mendes

I am passionate about Education for All issues, education and innovation, charity-university-government-industry partnerships; languages and culture; IT and social media. PhD in Project and Systems Engineering by the Technical University of Catalonia in collaboration with the University of Glasgow, UK. Involved in research which focus on the multi-stakeholder partnerships for the achievement of ...



Projets : Women’s University of Africa

Inaugurée en 2002, la Women’s University of Africa a une double mission : promouvoir la parité dans l’accès à l’enseignement supérieur ; promouvoir l’égalité entre les sexes contribuant à la formation d’un plus grand nombre de femmes diplômées qui pourront occuper un rôle majeur dans tous les ...



Projets : Connecting Campus and Community

Afin de mieux répondre aux besoins des populations locales, en particulier des populations indigènes, une équipe de recherche interdisciplinaire basée à l’Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, Mexique, a été formée pour étudier la façon de valider et d’intégrer les connaissances traditionnelles dans ...



Experts : Thierry Karsenti

Thierry Karsenti, M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., est titulaire de la Chaire de recherche du Canada sur les technologies de l'information et de la communication (TIC) en éducation. Il est également professeur titulaire à l'Université de Montréal où il occupe un poste en intégration des technologies de l'information et de la communication dans la formation des maîtres. Ses ...



Projets : Reducing HIV Stigma

The main objective is to provide public school teachers and youth workers the knowledge and skills to reduce the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS, targeting university lecturers, trainers, teachers, out-of-school youth workers, school children and out-of school youth. Main activities are: • HIV/AIDS stigma curriculum and materials designed and produced for the 120 lecturers/trainers involved in the ...



Projets : STEPS: Science and Mathematics Teacher Education Project Southern Philippines

The long term aim of the project is to establish a Science and Mathematics Education Department and a Science and Mathematics Education Institute with expert faculty able to design and offer pre-service teacher training, provide follow-up training through induction and post-graduate courses and conduct research and development. During the initial years of the project, a four year quality Bachelor programme ...



Projets : MASTERY: MAthematics & Science Teacher Education Reform

Specific Objectives: To design, implement and (formatively) evaluate a science teacher education programme in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics that will give science education students the knowledge and skills to teach to the secondary school pupils according standards set by the new school science curriculum; To increase the service capability of the Faculties of Science at ...



Projets : DOPMRI: Dissemination of PMRI through Strengthening of Teacher Training Institutes

The project objective is to enhance the achievements of primary school students. The primary target group is the staff of the local teacher training institutes (LPTK_s). The Institut Pengembangan PMRI undertakes efforts to improve the quality of mathematics teachers in a participative way, providing them with teaching tools and methodologies on PMRI (the Indonesian adaptation of Realistic Mathematics ...



Projets : Practical: Programme Reform and Alignment for increasing Competencies of Teachers and for Improving Comprehension and Application in Learning science and mathematics

This project addresses the lack of quality science and mathematics teachers by 1) improving the quantity and quality of science and mathematics teaching staff at all the levels and 2) improving the know-how and capacity in the education system to advance science and mathematics education in Ghana. Working cooperatively, the University of Cape Coast and the University of Education developed PRACTICAL ...



Projets : Changing South African Teacher Education

The global objective is to raise the quality of teaching in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The project focuses on increasing the number of Fort Hare scholars with graduate degrees through workshops and internships at Fort Hare and University of Alberta. Students pursue masters and doctoral studies, with course and research focus including science, mathematics and technology education, school governance ...

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