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Documents : TIMSS and PIRLS

In 2011, the coincidence of the TIMSS and PIRLS assessments offered a unique opportunity for participating countries to assess the same fourth grade students in mathematics, science, and reading. This report profiles fourth grade student achievement in these three subjects from the 34 countries and 3 benchmarking entities that administered both TIMSS and PIRLS in 2011. Additional analyses focus on ...



Experts : Valtencir Mendes

I am passionate about Education for All issues, education and innovation, charity-university-government-industry partnerships; languages and culture; IT and social media. PhD in Project and Systems Engineering by the Technical University of Catalonia in collaboration with the University of Glasgow, UK. Involved in research which focus on the multi-stakeholder partnerships for the achievement of ...



Projets : Seminar and conference on Equity and Quality in Education - Supporting Disadvantaged Students and Schools

Equity and Quality in Education - Supporting Disadvantaged Students and SchoolsWhat challenges are presented by a balance between equity and quality? Is school still a lever for social mobility? How can we guarantee schools of quality for everyone at a time of economic crisis? How can HEIs promote and extend effective practices, especially in schools in disadvantaged areas, providing targeted teacher ...



Experts : Ad Boeren

Policy studies; evaluation studies; development of adult education materials; communication training



Documents : Why and How Can Higher Education Contribute to All Levels and Types of Education?

This Information Kit clearly and concretely answers the essential questions of what, why, how, where, and who to enhance the awareness of higher education institutions of the need for a greater/better involvement of the higher education sector in these initiatives. It highlights cases of how higher education and research is and/or could be engaged.



Experts : Hari Adhikari

I am a teacher educator. Now I am doing my PhD on social justice in education. My topic is Social justice in Mahabharata time education. Now social justice is to be fulfilled in education arena.



Projets : Leadership pour une éducation de base de qualité

En réponse à une pénurie d’enseignants et d’administrateurs scolaires, provoquée par une augmentation rapide du nombre d’élèves, le Ministère de l’éducation du Bhoutan a travaillé aux côtés de la St. Francis Xavier University (STFX) pour renforcer le leadership scolaire au service d’une éducation ...



Projets : PRIDE: Pacific Regional Initiative for the Delivery of Education

Ce projet vise à renforcer les capacités des ministères de l’Éducation et des autres organismes éducatifs de quinze îles du Pacifique Sud pour planifier et dispenser une éducation de qualité à tous les niveaux éducatifs par le formel et le non formel. Les administrateurs de l’éducation y développent leurs ...



Projets : Assessment of Sub-Saharan numeracy and literacy

Le Centre for Research in Primary Science and Technology a travaillé au développement d’outils d’évaluation formative et diagnostique des compétences de base en matière de lecture et de calcul au niveau du primaire des populations défavorisées des pays d’Afrique subsaharienne. Le projet a sollicité la participation directe ...



Projets : BRIDGE: Broadening Regional Initiative for Developing Girls' Education

BRIDGE Project aimed to improve girls' enrolment in basic education (grades 1-9) in Yemen through: 1) building capacity of schools and local educational authorities by providing school-level financing to implement pilot activities and organising seminars to develop a decentralised education model, developed in collaboration between local government, schools and the community and; 2) increasing the ...

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