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HEEFA Workshops

Organized in partnership with an IAU Member institution/organisation, the IAU Collaborative Workshop: A three-step activity to envision higher education for Education for All locally brings together high-level representatives from the higher education community, relevant Ministries, educational bodies, civil society and schools, to discuss how to draw higher education more effectively and efficiently into local EFA activities. Participants are invited in a three-step process to “think out of the box” and to collectively develop a concrete action plan to strengthen higher education’s contribution in achieving EFA within the host country.

Step one is data collection from the participants who must reflect on how they perceive and experience the link between higher education and EFA by completing the IAU Questionnaire on how higher education institutions could be better involved in EFA-related actions at the regional/national level.
Step two is the Workshop itself during which participants debate and analyze the questionnaire results to identify EFA priorities and ways how to better engage higher education. This will frame development of the action plan.
Step three is the communication of workshop outcomes and follow-up actions undertaken by the participants.

IAU has already organised Workshops with:

Contact: Nadja Kymlicka