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HEEFA Portal

The Portal on Higher Education/Research and EFA/related MDGs, HEEFA, in short, has been developed by the International Association of Universities, with the technical assistance of the IAU Reference Group on HEEFA.
HEEFA is an open access Portal to disseminate information of the work being undertaken by higher education in EFA-related fields and to build up a like-minded community. Users can search for projects, experts, doctoral papers, and related publications; contribute by entering projects, their CVs and documents; participate in the forums; and subscribe to the HEEFA newsletter.
The uniqueness of this Portal is it attempts to raise awareness among those working in higher education and all other interested stakeholders (Intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, Ministries of Education, school administrators and teachers) on the important role that higher education can play and is achieving in EFA and education MDGs.
Designed as collaborative tool, it relies on a grounds-up approach to develop the Portal content and online community.