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Europe and North America; United Kingdom

General informationCentre for Educational Research, School of Education, Queen's University Belfast
Goal 1. Early childhood education
Educational systems and levels; Early childhood education
Project description
Based and established at Queen's University, this international inter-disciplinary network of leading researchers, policy-makers and practitioners aims to reduce racial and ethnic divisions and conflicts and building socially inclusive and respectful communities through the promotion of effective early childhood programs. It achieves its objectives through research, community development, information dissemination and evaluation.
The first phase, from October 2007 to September 2010, represents the Developmental Phase for Una. The focus during its initial three year period has been to establish the networks and structures for Una as well as the website to house resources and a database and the dissemination of existing knowledge and practice. 12 key Working Papers are being produced that seek to distil existing knowledge and expertise and to draw out the key action points and guidelines for those wishing to develop, deliver and evaluate early childhood ethnic diversity programmes. A series of regional conferences aimed at practitioners and relevant national and international organisations and agencies have been organised on a regular basis.
The second phase, starting from October 2011 onwards, has three strands:
  • Una Associate Projects which aim on providing practical support in relation to the development, delivery and evaluation of early childhood programs. Una Associate Projects vary from the development of very small-scale pilot projects in just one or two early childhood settings through to the evaluation of regional and/or national programmes. They also vary in their nature and scope, with some being family-based initiatives while others being either classroom-based and/or media-led programmes.
  • Maintenance and development of the website
  • Biennial International Conference
This project was formerly known as the Joint Learning Initiative on Children and Ethnic Diversity (JLICED).
PartnersConnolly, Paul
Principal donor, cooperation agencyBernard van Leer Fondation