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Tessler, Leandro

Director of International Affairs, IFGW, Unicamp (Brazil)

EFA expertise and area of competenceGoal 6. Quality education
Learning; Educational systems and levels; Educational population; Educational policy; Educational institutions; Educational evaluation; Economics of education; Capacity building; Public education; Private education; Inclusive education; Higher education; University students; Foreign students; Disadvantaged youth; International education; Educational reform; Educational planning; Access to education; Higher education institutions; Curriculum evaluation; Poverty alleviation
Latin America and the Caribbean; Brazil
Spanish; Hebrew; French; English

 I have experience in the following areas:

1. Affirmative Action: processes and procedures to ensure equity in selcetive processes for higher education.

2. Evaluation: Institutional and curriculum evaluation in higher education. I have performed such evaluations in a range of higher education institutions as a team leader for the Brazilian Ministry of Education.

3. Educational Systems: Public, private roles. University versus non-university higher education. Poverty erradication through education.

Contact informationtessler@reitoria.unicamp.br