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American Dream Academy

Europe and North America; United States of America

General informationCentre for Community Development and Civil Rights, Arizona State University
Goal 3. Youth and life skills; Goal 6. Quality education
Educational systems and levels; Educational population; Educational environment; Secondary education; Primary school students; Out of school youth; Disadvantaged youth; Parent school relationship
drop out
Project description
The American Dream Academy strives to improve learning for the marginalised Phoenix’s K-12 educational community. Situated at the inner-city campus, it strives to improve quality education of marginalised students by reaching out first to parents to help them transform their children's educational experience. Parents of struggling K-12 students enter the nine-week program to gain knowledge and skills necessary to improve the educational development of their children, including methods to improve parent/child relationships; how to reduce dropout rates and ensure high school graduation. Since October 2006, the program has “graduated” nearly 6,000 parents of students and indirectly impacted more than 24,000 low-income, minority youth throughout the greater Phoenix region. It won the Peter Magrath University Community Engagement Award in 2009.
PartnersRamos, Maria Luisa