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Bacevic, Jana

researcher, lecturer, Centre for Education Policy (Serbia)

EFA expertise and area of competenceGoal 3. Youth and life skills; Goal 6. Quality education
Educational systems and levels; Educational sciences; Educational policy; Educational institutions; Economics of education; Secondary education; Migrant education; Higher education; Educational sociology; Educational research; International education; Educational reform; Curriculum development; Higher education institutions; Women and development; Poverty alleviation; Education and employment; Economic and social development
post-conflict societies; brain drain/circulation; democratisation
Europe and North America; Macedonia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Albania
Serbian; French; English; Croatian; Bosnian

Expertise in the development of higher education, including for minorities and in post-conflict situations (Kosovo, south of Serbia), and in the processes of education reform. Research interests: analysis of education policy and legislation, role of education in economic, social and political development, Bologna process and mobility, education for participation and democratic citizenship, 'brain drain', internationalisation.

Contact informationjbacevic@cep.edu.rs
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