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Rajkumari Amrit Kaur (RAK) Child Study Centre

Asia and the Pacific; India

General informationLady Irwin College, University of Delhi
Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi, India
Goal 1. Early childhood education
Instruction and training; Outreach; Research
Teaching profession; Learning; Educational systems and levels; Special teacher education; Capacity building; Inclusive education; Early childhood education
Project description
To provide practical training within its Child Development degree programme, the Lady Irwin College set up a preschool on campus to receive children from the local community. Since 1955, this Child Study Centre has grown to become an important institutional, local and national asset in applied research and teacher training on early childhood education and care and inclusive education, opening its doors to include youth and children with disabilities. Beginning with 10 children, the programme currently accommodates 200 children, including 50 children with multiple disabilities. It also serves as a counselling cell for child, adolescent and family guidance and conducts workshops for other schools and NGOs. In the 1990s, teacher training for youth adults with disabilities to become teacher assistants was pioneered with internships being held at the centre.
Since 2005, the Centre has set-up the SETU - Systematic Early Training Unit - to provide early intervention to infants at risk and young children with disability. Since then it has expanded to create the Information and Communication Unit (ICU). The major foci of this unit are dissemination of information and generating awareness about various disabilities and issues concerning persons with disabilities. To achieve this objective informative articles and write-ups are being put up on the notice board regularly. A list of schools and NGOs working in the area of disability and related fields has been compiled and is being updated regularly. A Parent Support Group has also spun-off involving parents of children who attend the Centre.
Teachers are involved in the development of Activity Manuals, thus far developing four sets. To prepare guidelines for usage by other professionals and caregivers, the teachers are currently maintaining record of their experiences
Since 2009, the Centre has held an annual outreach event to sensitise the youth towards the needs of persons with disability and their families.
PartnersSharma, Neerja