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Bachelor and Master Programmes in Adult Basic Education and Training

Africa; Burkina Faso

General informationUniversity of Ouagadougou
Goal 4. Adult literacy; Goal 6. Quality education
Instruction and training
Educational sciences; Educational population; Rural education; Non-formal education; Basic education; Adult education; Teaching methods; Adult students; Educational systems and levels
Project description
The University of Ouagadougou has undertaken different projects to develop its involvement in adult basic education. In 2001, the University launched the Adult Education and Development Project, a training programme for professionals working in adult development and basic education. The programme was then developed into an undergraduate diploma in adult development and education, covering health, education, literacy, and local development issues. In 2003, a second Master’s programme was developed with the NGO, Enfants du monde, to integrate a specialised programme for teacher trainers in the Pedagogy of Text (PoT). This pedagogical approach allows learners to acquire basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics interrelated and applicable to their living situations and community needs. Already having successful outcomes in Latin America, Lebanon, and Haiti, these programmes were developed with experts from the region and Haiti. The programme runs for three years, organised around one month of classroom work and three months of practicum. To date, two groups of 60 students from Burkina Faso, Niger, Benin, Congo and Cape Verde have obtained their degrees. A doctorate programme in PoT is scheduled to have been set up by 2014. 


PartnersBandré, Emmanuel
Principal donor, cooperation agencySwiss Agency for Development and Cooperation