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Mendes, Valtencir

Research Fellow, Engineering of Projects and Systems, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya / Jaume Bofill Foundation (Spain)

EFA expertise and area of competenceGoal 2. Universal primary education; Goal 3. Youth and life skills; Goal 6. Quality education
Instruction and training; Outreach; Research
Higher education institutions; Educational grants; Curriculum development; Educational innovation; Educational indicators; Educational reform; International education; Primary school students; Secondary school students; Out of school youth; Educational theory; Lifelong education; Capacity building; Civic education; Educational institutions; Educational management; Educational policy; Educational population; Educational sciences; Educational systems and levels; Learning; Study subjects
Europe and North America; Latin America and the Caribbean
English; Catalan; Portuguese; Spanish

I am passionate about Education for All issues, education and innovation, charity-university-government-industry partnerships; languages and culture; IT and social media.

PhD in Project and Systems Engineering by the Technical University of Catalonia in collaboration with the University of Glasgow, UK.

Involved in research which focus on the multi-stakeholder partnerships for the achievement of the Education for All, the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, the Millennium Development Goals, and emerging Information and Communication Technologies.

Involved in different international research projects, conferences, seminars, universities courses, have been working for charities since 1995 and have been engaged in a number of interdisciplinary and intercultural projects in the field of education, advocacy, awareness, innovation, ICT and human and social development.

Expertise: Education Advocacy, Higher Education social responsibility, ICT4D, Learning Leadership, Equity and Quality in Education, International charity-university-government-industry partnerships, Social Observatories, Non-profit sector, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), International Seminars and Conferences organisation.
Contact informationvaltencir@me.com