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Africa; Arab States; Asia and the Pacific; Europe and North America; Australia; Austria; Azerbaijan; China; Czech Republic; Finland; Georgia; Germany; Hungary; Iran; Italy; Lithuania; Malta; Morocco; Norway; Oman; Portugal; Qatar; Romania; Russia; Saudi Arabia; Singapore; Slovakia; Spain; Sweden; United Arab Emirates

General informationReport
Goal 2. Universal primary education; Goal 3. Youth and life skills; Goal 6. Quality education
Academic achievement; Student evaluation; Teacher evaluation; Literacy; Numeracy; Educational evaluation; Learning
SummaryIn 2011, the coincidence of the TIMSS and PIRLS assessments offered a unique opportunity for participating countries to assess the same fourth grade students in mathematics, science, and reading. This report profiles fourth grade student achievement in these three subjects from the 34 countries and 3 benchmarking entities that administered both TIMSS and PIRLS in 2011. Additional analyses focus on student achievement with respect to the reading demands of the TIMSS fourth grade mathematics and science items, characteristics of effective schools, and specific home background characteristics that are associated with higher student achievement in reading, mathematics, and science at the fourth grade.http://timssandpirls.bc.edu/timsspirls2011/international-database.html