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EFA Steering Committee: October 2014 Meeting Report

The EFA Steering Committee was established in April 2012 whose task  is to discuss the development of the post-2015 education agenda. It consists of 19 members representing UNESCO Member States, the E-9 Initiative, EFA convening agencies (UNESCO, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF and the World Bank), the OECD, the civil society and the private sector. The EFA SC advocates a more broader and comprehensive education agenda than what will be approved by the UNGA in 2015 and one that should be the reference point for the education community worldwide.

In preparation for the 2015 World Education Forum and the UNGA in September 2015, the EFA SC met on 9-10 October. It discussed necessary changes to the current Sustainable Development Goals and EFA SC texts, which included: 
The notion of “affordable” education in reference to higher education in the SDG text is unclear and must be removed. On the other hand, greater visbility needed to given to childhood care and education and teachers who should be considered as a target not as a means. How the post 2015 education agenda flows with the SDGs has yet to be defined.