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Just published! Final Report on IAU HEEFA-ICT4IAL Follow-up Seminar

The IAU has published the final report of the IAU HEEFA-ICT4IAL Follow-up Seminar held in Ankara, Turkey on 18-19 November 2014.

Organised by the IAU in collaboration with the Hacettepe University, the invitation-only Seminar reviewed the outcomes of the IAU HEEFA Project presented and discussed IAU’s work in an information-access project: the ICT for information accessibility in learning (ICT4IAL) Project.

For 2-days, the participants shared information and discussed the outcomes of the HEEFA capacity building workshops and reviewed the future of the IAU HEEFA Project; debated the role of higher education in a post-2015 education agenda; and provided feedback regarding the ICT4IAL project and the guidelines for e-accessibility for people with disabilities.

Amongst the 32 participants, representing 22 countries from Africa, Asia and Europe, were representatives from higher education and the IAU Reference Group on HEEFA who were involved in IAU HEEFA capacity building; representatives from ICT4IAL partners; e-accessibility experts from the higher education sector; faculty/students from the Hacettepe University; and representatives from UNESCO National Commission.

To read the Final Report click here

Contact: Isabelle Turmaine