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Leadership for Quality Basic Education

Asia and the Pacific; Bhutan

General informationUniversity of Ontario Institute of Technology
School of Education, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada
Goal 2. Universal primary education; Goal 6. Quality education
Instruction and training
Educational systems and levels; Educational policy; Educational institutions; Educational evaluation; Primary education; Higher education; Curriculum development; Government educational bodies; Educational quality
Project description
In response to a shortage in teachers and school administrators, caused by a rapid increase of students, the Ministry of Education in Bhutan worked with St. Francis Xavier University (STFX) in Canada to strengthen school leadership for quality basic education. The project's two goals were to: build capacity of Bhutanese headmasters by offering them a graduate degree in Educational Leadership at STFX in Canada; develop and implement modules and other materials for an Education Leadership degree at the College of Education, Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) and to 'nationalise' the contents of the RUB graduate education programme. This component was carried in close collaboration between STFX and RUB faculty through ongoing team visits.


2003 - 2007
PartnersGreenlaw, Jim
Namgay Om
Principal donor, cooperation agencyCIDA
Europe and North America; Canada