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Open Door

Africa; Zambia; Tanzania; Sierra Leone; Rwanda; Ghana

General informationInternational Development Centre, Open University, United Kingdom
Goal 6. Quality education
Instruction and training
Educational systems and levels; Educational facilities; Higher education; Distance education; Teaching materials
Project description
“Open Door” aims to support higher education in Africa by making the Open University course materials available to African universities free of charge. There is a huge shortage of teaching resources in universities in low income African countries; some universities rely on donated textbooks which are often out of date. Open Door makes +250 Open University courses available to a group of African universities, under license, but free of charge. Material is provided electronically (normally by CDRom) and printed locally on demand. Materials can be integrated into existing courses and African partners can choose the learning materials they need, making Open Door responsive to local needs and supporting the development of an African-centred curriculum. Thus far, pass rates for mathematics have increased at the University of Sierra Leone. Further collaboration is being developed with The African Virtual University to elaborate distance learning materials tailored to the African context


PartnersMackintosh, Maureen (manage 2 projects)