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DOPMRI: Dissemination of PMRI through Strengthening of Teacher Training Institutes

Asia and the Pacific; Indonesia

General informationInstitut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
Goal 6. Quality education
Instruction and training
Teaching profession; Study subjects; Educational systems and levels; Teacher educator training; Teacher education; Mathematics education; Primary education
Project description
The project objective is to enhance the achievements of primary school students. The primary target group is the staff of the local teacher training institutes (LPTK_s). The Institut Pengembangan PMRI undertakes efforts to improve the quality of mathematics teachers in a participative way, providing them with teaching tools and methodologies on PMRI (the Indonesian adaptation of Realistic Mathematics Education - RME), that give pupils better chances to like, appreciate and understand mathematics. This project will build up the capacity of the lecturers at the LPTKs, by training them in the theories and research of PMRI, and provide skills in practical implementation of PMRI, including management of the new to be established PMRI Resource Centres. The main activity is training the people involved, next to that assistance will be given on keeping track of the project progress, on supporting research activities, on maintaining a database and on providing access through the internet to the PMRI team members as well as the broader public.
2006 - 2009
PartnersSembiring, R.K.