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Young Lives

Africa; Asia and the Pacific; Latin America and the Caribbean; Ethiopia; India; Peru; Viet Nam

General informationDepartment of International Development, Oxford University, United Kingdom
Goal 1. Early childhood education; Goal 2. Universal primary education
Economics of education; Poverty alleviation; Educational statistics
Project description
Young Lives is a long-term international research project investigating the changing nature of childhood poverty in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam. These countries were selected because they reflect a range of cultural, geographical and social contexts, and experience differing issues facing the developing world: high debt burden, emergence from conflict, and vulnerability to environmental conditions such as drought and flood. The project's objectives are to:
  • better understand the causes and consequences of childhood poverty and the policies that affect children’s well-being
  • influence and strengthen policies and practices to reduce childhood poverty.
It thus directly links the evidence-base of research to policymakers and planners, both in the study countries and internationally.
To this meet this end, +12,000 children are being tracked growing up over a span of 15 years, corresponding with the EFA/MDG target date of 2015. It conducts surveys every 3 years and participatory research with children while evaluating government policies and their implementation at the local levels. Large-scale household surveys are conducted of all the children and their primary caregiver and interspersed with more in-depth interviews, group work and case studies with a sub-sample of the children, their parents, teachers and community representatives. Data collected includes their material and social circumstances, but also their perspectives and aspirations, set against the environmental and social realities of their communities.
Each country has set up a national team, composed of national research institutes, government statistics departments, and the international NGO Save the Children.
Publications and further information is found on the project website. Access to data is available after registering on the Economic and Social Data Service website.
2000 - 2017
PartnersBoyden, Jo
Principal donor, cooperation agencyDFID
Europe and North America; United Kingdom