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Gender, Education and Global Poverty Initiatives

Africa; Kenya; South Africa

General informationInstitute of Education, University of London, United Kingdom
Goal 5. Gender
Educational sciences; Educational policy; Educational institutions; Economics of education; Educational research; Government educational bodies; Poverty alleviation
civil society
Project description
The project aims to look at the way global policy on gender, schooling and poverty eradication articulated through the Millennium Development Goals and other policy statements emerging from UN organisations and international gatherings, are interpreted, whether they are put into action and the reasons for this. The proposed study is based on detailed case studies in Kenya and South Africa, where reforming governments have sought to address issues of poverty, gender and schooling. In these countries a vibrant civil society is active and often critical of government, sometimes drawing on global policy for support. The project is designed to explore how national and provincial education departments, national and local non-government organisations and a school community interpret policy on gender, schooling and poverty, the connections that are or are not made between global policy declaration and national, regional and local aspiration and action, the reasons for this and the processes that help and undermine work to take forward initiatives relating to gender, education and global poverty reduction. The case studies will be conducted in partnership with the government departments and NGOs and the proposed project is partly designed so that organisations can draw on the issues raised by the research study to enhance their own reflection on policy and practice and help heighten understanding of the process of global policy making and obligation across national boundaries.
2007 - 2010
PartnersUnterhalter, Elaine (manage 2 projects)
Principal donor, cooperation agencyDFID
Europe and North America; United Kingdom