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Violence Prevention Project

Latin America and the Caribbean; Costa Rica

General informationCentre for Research in Women's Studies, Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Goal 5. Gender
Instruction and training; Outreach
Learning; Educational systems and levels; Educational policy; Capacity building; Inclusive education; Curriculum development
public administration; civil society
Project description
Academic authorities and faculty at the University of Costa Rica and the State Distance University have gained new skills in developing inclusive and non-sexist curricula, research and outreach programs committed to gender equality and equity among men and women. A specialized graduate program on gender and intra-family violence was developed by UCR and the National University, consolidated within the Central American region with project support. Strong practice-based research and innovative practicum projects provided a critical mass of students influencing changes in government and non-governmental agencies within the education, health and judicial sectors. Innovative and appropriate resource materials to meet educational, training and management needs were developed with the participation of UCR, specialists from the National Distance Education University and NGOs (including the creation of a bibliographic database). Ongoing training on media representations of gender violence against women and women's human rights was provided to journalists from the main Costa Rican newspapers, TV and radio (urban and rural) stations, UCR media and journalism faculty and students. Health care providers were trained to develop pragmatic and sustainable practice-based strategies for responding to intra-family violence.
2000 - 2005
http://www.womensresearch.ca/our-research/mental-health-and-healthy-relationships/violence ...
PartnersGuzmán, Laura