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Implementing Quality Education in Low-Income Countries (EdQual)

Africa; Tanzania; South Africa; Rwanda; Ghana

General informationGraduate School of Education, University of Bristol, UK
Goal 6. Quality education
Teaching profession; Learning; Educational systems and levels; Educational policy; Educational management; Educational evaluation; Primary teacher education; Literacy; Inclusive education; Electronic Learning; Language of instruction; Curriculum development; Educational quality
school design
Project description
EdQual is a five year collaborative research programme that aims to design and pilot initiatives to improve the quality of basic education in low-income countries. Researchers from six HE coordinate and work collaboratively on various research projects and on smaller consultative projects. Within the framework of EdQual, PhD students are sponsored and are brought into the research teams.


2006 - 2011
PartnersTikly, Leon
Principal donor, cooperation agencyDFID