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Reaching the unreached - IGNOU’s interventions in Tihar Central Jail

Asie-Pacifique; Inde

Informations généralesKaushalendra Pratap Singh
Article de périodique
AAOU Journal, Vol 8, No. 2
Asian Association of Open Universities
Objectif 4. Alphabétisation des adultes; Objectif 6. Education de qualité
Corps enseignant universitaire; Elève adulte; Etudiant d'université; Jeune défavorisé; Education de la population
social work, outreach, prisoners

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) provides education to the disadvantaged and unreached learners (some of them living in special circumstances) to build an inclusive knowledge society through inclusive education.
One of the world’s largest prisons is the Tihar Central Jail in New Delhi. It has about 12,000 prisoners accommodated in its 10 jails. There are over 530 prisoners enrolled in various programmes from certificate to postgraduate levels with IGNOU. The School of Social Work (SOSW) is facilitating a study centre of IGNOU in this prison. Faculty members, research scholars and students are visiting this Central Jail thrice a week to reach these learners living in special circumstances with educational programmes as well as counselling services through professional social work intervention. The university has also helped several former inmates to find jobs. The School of Social Work is also involved in extending counselling services to the inmates with regards to their personal matters. This paper explores the extent of interventions being made by IGNOU for the inmates in Tihar Central Jail, for their education, emotional support, transformation and rehabilitation after serving their jail term.