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STEPS: Science and Mathematics Teacher Education Project Southern Philippines

Asie-Pacifique; Philippines

Informations généralesVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Centre for International Cooperation, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Objectif 6. Education de qualité
Matière d'enseignement; Politique éducative; Profession d'enseignant; Système et niveau d'enseignement; Développement du curriculum; Enseignement des mathématiques; Enseignement des sciences; Enseignement primaire; Formation des enseignants
Description du projet
The long term aim of the project is to establish a Science and Mathematics Education Department and a Science and Mathematics Education Institute with expert faculty able to design and offer pre-service teacher training, provide follow-up training through induction and post-graduate courses and conduct research and development. During the initial years of the project, a four year quality Bachelor programme to train physics, chemistry and mathematics teachers has been developed, while recent in the latter years a start has been made in the design and implementation of a Master programme to serve teachers in their further professional development. An extensive programme of faculty devlopment has resulted in a variety of Master and Ph.D. degrees in science education, from institutes in the Philippines as well as from Institutes abroad. Many short and longer in-service courses have been provided for teachers thereby servicing the needs of the educational system.
1995 - 2004
PartenairesMacfarlane, Ian (gestion de 2 projets)
Financement principal, établissement partenaireNUFFIC
Europe et Amérique du Nord; Pays-Bas