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MASTERY: MAthematics & Science Teacher Education Reform

Etats arabes; Yémen

Informations généralesVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Centre for International Cooperation, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Objectif 6. Education de qualité
Enseignement et formation
Matière d'enseignement; Politique éducative; Profession d'enseignant; Sciences de l'éducation; Système et niveau d'enseignement; Développement du curriculum; Enseignement des mathématiques; Enseignement des sciences; Enseignement secondaire; Formation des enseignants du secondaire; Méthode pédagogique
Description du projet
Specific Objectives:
  • To design, implement and (formatively) evaluate a science teacher education programme in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics that will give science education students the knowledge and skills to teach to the secondary school pupils according standards set by the new school science curriculum;
  • To increase the service capability of the Faculties of Science at the universities of Thamar and Sana’a through curriculum development, technician training and in offering their updated laboratories for FoE students’ practical laboratory training adhering to the new science standards;
  • To develop an organisation and financial plan for dissemination of the project outputs to other Yemeni universities.
Main activities: Provision of long-term and short term expertise; programme and curriculum development; facilities upgrading; development of learning materials; staff training of USC staff; science education research.
2005 - 2009
PartenairesMacfarlane, Ian (gestion de 2 projets)
Financement principal, établissement partenaireNUFFIC
Europe et Amérique du Nord; Pays-Bas