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Practical: Programme Reform and Alignment for increasing Competencies of Teachers and for Improving Comprehension and Application in Learning science and mathematics

Afrique; Ghana

Informations généralesFaculty of Science Education, University of Cape Coast, Ghana
Objectif 6. Education de qualité
Enseignement et formation
Etablissement d'enseignement; Matière d'enseignement; Profession d'enseignant; Système et niveau d'enseignement; Ecole normale supérieur; Enseignement des mathématiques; Enseignement des sciences; Enseignement secondaire; Formation des enseignants du secondaire
Description du projet
This project addresses the lack of quality science and mathematics teachers by 1) improving the quantity and quality of science and mathematics teaching staff at all the levels and 2) improving the know-how and capacity in the education system to advance science and mathematics education in Ghana. Working cooperatively, the University of Cape Coast and the University of Education developed PRACTICAL centred on two goals: - to improve their capacity to train sufficient numbers of well-qualified and well-prepared science and mathematics teachers for the Senior Secondary Schools and Teacher Training Colleges, both through regular initial preparation programs, as well as through alternative in-service means - to develop capacity within the educational system for specific leadership and innovation roles in science and mathematics education, supported with research External consultants and international experts were brought on board and study visits were also organised.
PartenairesQuaye, Eric
Financement principal, établissement partenaireNUFFIC