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Beyond the Basics: Education and Poverty

Afrique; Asie-Pacifique; Afrique du Sud; Ghana; Inde; Kenya; Rwanda

Informations généralesCentre of African Studies, School of Social and Political Studies, University of Edinburgh, UK
Objectif 3. Jeunes et compétences de la vie courante
Système et niveau d'enseignement; Education non-formelle; Education permanente
Description du projet
Bringing together the research team from University of Edinburgh and researchers in South Africa and India, this research programme studied the contribution of post-basic education and training to poverty reduction. As primary education has been centrally positioned in global development inititaives like the MDGs, post-education and training (PBET) have been sorely overlooked. Only with regards to gender parity is secondary education mentioned yet it is considered pivotal to (re)integrate skills development to reduce poverty.
This study:
  • examined critically the research and policy evidence from the late 1970s till now for how basic, primary education translates into developmental outcomes and, thus, into poverty reduction, paying particular attention to the critical systems and national capacities that may be necessary for this current relationship to be secured;
  • explored and synthesised the research and policy evidence for how different sectors of PBET are held to relate directly to different MDGs, and to poverty reduction;
  • documented the existing evidence for PBET contributing to system capacities and to the infrastructure of knowledge societies;
  • examined the interplay between the changing donor positions on basic and post-basic education, and the policy dialogue taking place between donors and national governments.
In addition to an examination of international research by the Edinburgh team, national studies were carried out in India, Rwanda, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania.
Working papers produced in this study are acessible on the project website.
2004 - 2006
PartenairesHaymen, Rachel
Financement principal, établissement partenaireDFID
Europe et Amérique du Nord; Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne

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