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Ghana Distance Education Development Project

Afrique; Ghana

Informations généralesFaculty of Education, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Objectif 2. Education primaire pour tous
Enseignement et formation
Enseignement à distance; Enseignement supérieur; Formation des enseignants; Renforcement des capacités; Apprentissage; Profession d'enseignant; Système et niveau d'enseignement
institutional capacity building
Description du projet
The project aimed to expand opportunities for and access to tertiary education in Ghana by building institutional capacity for establishing and maintaining distance education programs at four Ghanaian universities and by establishing a cooperative system for the development and provision of distance education at the tertiary level. The project contributed to the acceptance by Ghana's Ministry of Education of distance education and to the increased institutional capacity to provide distance education at the University of Ghana, the University of Cape Coast, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and the University College of Education of Winneba. Each institution now has a permanent distance education unit, funded by the Ministry of Education and staffed by project-trained faculty members. The government included the use of distance education in its five-year development plan and, subsequently, included in-service professional development with distance education as a priority. The institutional capacity at the University College of Education of Winneba and at the University of Cape Coast to design and provide distance education for in-service teachers was an important factor in the government's decision to use distance learning to upgrade teachers' education.
1995 - 2001
PartenairesShaheen, Nanji (gestion de 2 projets)
Little Angela W.
Financement principal, établissement partenaireDFID
Europe et Amérique du Nord; Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne